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05-18-2004, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Sure they can sign him. But 1) Why would he sign here? Tampa is a better place to win than here. There will be many more viable places for him to sign. 2) What about Dunham? He's not very tradeable and I highly doubt that Sather buys him out. With Dunham here, it will be very diffucult to sign another goalie. 3) Signing 'Bulin will require $$$ and a long-term commitment. A long-term committment means that neither Blackburn nor Lundquist will be getting a chance in the next 4 years. Plus, the $$$ commitment to sign him will be considerable. With Jagr, Kasper, & Holik, the Rangers are already $25m against any type of cap or luxury tax that WILL occur.
why u think the jagrs full contract will count againts the cap i don't know. perhaps you read it in larry brooks? :lol

have you seen the new cba? do you know how contracts will count againts the cap? please tell the world how you know this info.

hmm why would a russian player want to sign in new york? why do russian players love playing in new york? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

do you know that blackburn or lundquist are going to be great goalies in the future? i think blackburn will be fine but i have never seen lundquist play. have you?

perhaps you don't know this but you can never have to many good goalies. lundquist and blackburn are unproven and need at least a year in hartford to prove themselves to the rangers. you want to rush these prospects but when they fail for being rushed you and i will roast sather for rushing them.

i don't think there is anyway dunham is on this team next year. yes i think sather buys him out or trades him by picking up his contract.

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