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05-18-2004, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
And this conversation started so well. You just cannot manage to continue a conversation in a civil level, can you?

"have you seen the new cba? do you know how contracts will count againts the cap? please tell the world how you know this info."

Yes, Jagr's contract will count the full amount against the cap for whatever team it is that holds the contract. Why? Becuase that is the way it is in EVERY other major sport. In no sport, in no case, does the value of a player's contract count against a cap/luxury tax treshold count against 2 teams. Just does not happen. So, given all the precedents, I would doubt it that the NHL will become the first team where a player's contract hit against a cap can be split amongst several teams.

"hmm why would a russian player want to sign in new york? why do russian players love playing in new york? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Kovalev could not wait to get out. IF the Rangers were to be a good team, your argument could hold a little water. However, 'Bulin is going to go for the most $$$, in a place that will be competitive. I could care less if the entire population of Brighton Beach would beseech for him, if Colarado offers him a chance to play there or if Tampa wants him back, why on Earth would he come here?

"do you know that blackburn or lundquist are going to be great goalies in the future? i think blackburn will be fine but i have never seen lundquist play. have you?"

Who said anything about the being great goalies? I simply said that in order to develop, they are going to need chances to play. Does not happen if Sather signs 'Bulin. As for Lundquist, he is purported to be one of the better players not in the NHL. He is playing in a league that could be considered the best outside the NHL. He is young and has a world of talent. Given those factors, why on Earth would I think that he has a chance to be a very good player?

"perhaps you don't know this but you can never have to many good goalies. lundquist and blackburn are unproven and need at least a year in hartford to prove themselves to the rangers. you want to rush these prospects but when they fail for being rushed you and i will roast sather for rushing them. "

Big difference between rushing then and not giving them the chance to develop their game at the NHL level. No, you can never have too many good goalies. But there is a limit on how many of them get to be in the NHL & AHL at the same time.

"i don't think there is anyway dunham is on this team next year. yes i think sather buys him out or trades him by picking up his contract."

Sather buying him out is pure fantasy. I would be shocked if that were to occur.
perhaps you don't know about the nfl salary cap. when the jets cut vinny guess what? he will still count againts the jets cap for next season and will count againts anyteam that he goes too.

khabby may sign here and may not sign here. the fact the rangers have not been succesful has not stopped free agents from signing here in the past.

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