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04-27-2008, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by celticredhawk View Post
Nice thread.

I thought I would add a third voice.

Shame indeed about Wahlberg, an important player in Malmös history for sure but I think he has achieved as much as he could for the club and should Malmö make it to the SEL next season I don't know if he would be as effective. So in my opinion a good move for the club and the player, hopefully he will end up somewhere and make loads of cash.

I am not so concerned about the other clubs loading up on players. Malmö have the size and the budget (at least in Allsvenskan terms) to be able to attract players that those clubs would not be able to even dream of, its just a case of picking the right ones.

Brett HArkins name in the news as a possible signing, I know that the word in Helsingborg, where he lives is stronger than in Malmö but I know for certain that he is fairly keen to stay in the south of Sweden, I just don't know if he is the kind of players that Malmö needs .
My main concern with Bofors and AIK etc. loading up, is it was those 'plucky' teams which caused us problems last season. Add to that Björklöven and Växjo.

Too many of these teams, means a greater chance of slipping up. Though unless we remain sitting on our hands (which I doubt) I still think a place in Kvalserien will be Malmö's, Leksands and Mora's to miss.

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