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04-27-2008, 09:27 AM
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[QUOTE=Ice Poutine;13881524]As for Ottawa being a hockey town..
well that is just not possible.
Choking hockey teams never make
for a hockey town./QUOTE]

Just imagine for a moment, should Montreal lose this series, seeing that they are the top seed, does that make the Habs chokers, and does that mean that Montreal is no longer a hockey town?

Last year the Sens had home ice advantage in only one of the series, yet still walked thorugh the Eastern Conference,and lost in the finals. Or you could say they lost if it was any team but the Sens, with the Sens of course, they never lose it seems, they only choke.

You often hear how the Sens were Presidents Trophy winners who choked in the playoffs, but the one year they were Presidents Trophy winners, the went out in the 7th game of the ECF having come back from 3-1 and lost in the 7th game to the eventual Stanley Cup winners.

As far as losing to the Leafs, in 3 of of the 4 metings, the Leafs were seeded over the Sens and would be expected to win.

So if the Habs lose now, will they be chokers or will they be like the Leafs-always confident going in, but if they lose saying that they were not expected to get that far anyway, yada yada.

With the Sens its probably a by product of getting into the playoffs every year for 12 years.They have won everything except the Cup and that's all that counts any more in Ottawa.

However, if the Sens lose, no matter where they were seeeded or how their season went, or how devestating the injuries, its always a choke.

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