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04-27-2008, 10:15 AM
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I am right-handed, and shoot right. I throw and bat right in baseball, bowl right handed, but I play pool left (right isn't uncomfortable though), table tennis left, throw a frisbee left, and some other little things left-handed. As far as a broom or shovel, I am more inclined to use left hand on top, although it doesn't matter too much to me either way. I am somewhat ambidextrous I guess, but I know that I play hockey right-handed because thats what feels most comfortable for me. Thing is, even though I write with my right hand, I definitely do not think I have more fine motor control with that hand than my left. My penmanship is horrid. I don't think your writing hand necessarily has to be the same as your "artistic" hand. I feel as if I have better fine motor control over my less "dominant" (right) hand, but I also am probably just somewhere in the ambidextrous range of the continuum someone else mentioned.

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