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04-27-2008, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Crusher20 View Post
simple.. not only we didnt take the lead.. we gave them twice a 2 goal advantage.. despite that we made a game of both of them..

if we take the lead, continue pushing we should win. we are due imo.

for those who missed the most clear problem.. the game was good, bad luck or not, score first and you will win.. whatever your logo on your shirt is.

sorry, it was obvious, the main reason of this, is keep it positive, also please do not take the flyers lightly.. the karma will hit us if we do..

Ahhh famous karma.. hehe
Who said anything about taking them lightly. I dont think teams in the playoffs take other teams lightly. over 100 years of history shows us that the playoffs are a whole new season and you simply can not judge a team by the amount of point amassed in the regular season.

That being said.... of what ive seen in the first 2 games, I really dont think philly is that great a team, They dont scare me one bit, but we HAVE to start scoring first, if we score first and keep pushing then we will be fine. Price has got to stop going down so soon. I think philly has demonstrated quite clearly yesterday that Carry is week on the high glove side. he goes down WAY to soon. Anyways Go habs Go!!!!

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