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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Stripes - So, let say I have a Men's beer league running at my rink and I am using level one ref's. What should I pay them? Is the amount that I pay them on their cerification or what level they are refereeing?

Head coach
If your league is sanctioned by USA Hockey, I would seek advice from them as to what the appropriate pay should be. I honestly don't know much about how USA Hockey operates regarding officiating.

Here in Canada, HC determines pay rates for national championships, the provincial branches determine pay rates for provincial championships, and local associations determine pay rates for minor hockey during the season and playoffs. No official earns more money for the same calibre of hockey just because he has a higher level of certification. Pay is all based on the calibre of the game you are working. If you're using the 3-man system, yes, referees get paid more than linesmen. It used to be double for Jr.A in my area actually, but we've seen that discrepancy shrink in recent years.

If your league is not sanctioned by any governing body (like our beer leagues are here), I'm not going to the rink after a full day at work for less than $40/game for adult rec hockey. I say that because the beer leagues are guaranteed abuse for us, and after a long day at work, our buttons are much easier to push. I would rather not deal with it.

The guy who runs our league here claims to scale pay based on your HC certification (if you have it, it's not required for beer league), but we all know he bases it on seniority. IE: One ref here who has been around for 20+ years and no longer has certification makes more than he offered me, yet I have my Level 3, which is the minimum requirement to line junior hockey in Canada. Even the older ref knows that it isn't fair that he gets $35 and I would get $25 if I still did games. We're both taking time out of our evenings to give these guys a game, we should both earn the same dime.

The biggest, and least thought of intangible with beer league (or any rec) hockey is that you're paying for my time as much as you're paying me for the job. I got up at 7:00am this morning to skate a couple unsanctioned high school exhibition games. The games were only an hour each and it was easy hockey. I could have worked the games sleeping. They still paid me $25 per game because they're getting me up at 7:00am on my day off when the season has been over for any sanctioned hockey for over a month.

If you want my advice, it would be not be in a dollar figure. I don't know your league's financial situation. If you use the two-man system for your games, make sure you pay them both the same. Scaling pay by calibre is acceptable. (Using dollars as an example only: $25/game for C hockey, $30/game for B hockey, $35/game for A hockey.)

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