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04-27-2008, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by flyboys15 View Post
That's completely understandable...I get the venting situation and even I know the Flyers aren't going to win this series playing like they played last night...I don't hop over to other team's boards often but the post to start this thread is absurd...I think that most of the trolling is in response to that post.
Silly thing is that I don't even agree with the perspective of the original poster.

There's nothing wrong with "garbage goals". Only opportunities and chances to take advantage of them - and doing so wins playoff games.

If you read the thread, you would notice that many others don't as well.

So we don't need to be corrected by an invading hoard of righteous Flyers fans. We can argue these things amongst ourselves as we vent some frustrations away after a loss. Damn, most of us weren't even that frustrated to begin with.

Originally Posted by flyboys15 View Post
And the trolling is going both guys aren't saints being invaded by these horrible people...
No it doesn't. Only our jerks and yours do it. You might or might not be one yourself (I don't particularly remember your other posts and I don't feel like looking back for them - but you are indeed posting here). I certainly didn't troll on your board and neither has the majority of our fans. Please don't lump our quality posters with these jerks. Should I judge your entire fanbase from what I've seen from your posters in these threads the last few days? Now that is absurd.

What do you expect when coming to our board? That we'll post everything with a Flyers-friendly perspective?

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