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04-27-2008, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
The trifecta (or whatever you want to call them) value character and there's a big question mark about Manningham with the pot smoking & the lying. Not to mention his speed isnt good and I think thats an issue too. I'm sure they'll pass on him.

Not sure where you got your info from but Morgan was not projected as a late 1st ever. He was always behind Kenny Phillips and Tyrell Johnson. And why would Miami want to take him when there are several players ranked higher too? Morgan is not the best player available.

Trading down would make the most sense and possibly the one thing that will happen because some team will want this pick. But if they keep it I could see them looking at DT Pat Sims out of Auburn (prob could wait till the 4th), WR Andre Caldwell from UF (his speed & size would be perfect), or OL John Greco out of Toledo (this is my pick as it solidifies the line and they like him a lot).Connor I liked too till I read more up on him. His speed isn't great and he's projected to be a strong side linebacker at the NFL level. At this point, Miami has other needs to fill. Smith would be a good pick if they're worried about Ricky but there are other RBs that possibly could be a better fit for the new regime I think. I have a belief that they'll wait till later in the draft to get a RB, especially after trading Booker yesterday.

BTW, finally my alma mater gets a guy in the 1st round again, RB Chris Johnson. I like him going to Tennessee and can't wait for the Jags vs Titans game in Jacksonville this yr cause I'm going to see Garrard and him play.

I got the info from - They said he was projected to be a borderline 1st/2nd round pick.

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