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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
What kind of weight training program would you guys suggest?
I'm not looking to get jacked but just to put on a little bit of muscle and lose some fat.
Power lifting and Olympic lifts are what will make you stronger, everything else is just for looks.

And what kind of diet should I be looking at?
What are some things that I should be eating?
Chicken, turkey, salmon and rice (lots and lots of rice) should be the bulk of your diet along with fruit and vegetables (lots of these as well). I don't really know the last time I had a lunch or dinner without one of those foods. This is ideal of course, come summer everybody likes the bbqs and what not, but eat as little red meat as possible.

EDIT: and how could I possibly forget. Drink lots (and I mean LOTS) of water.

What are some things I should be staying away from?
Alcohol, "Fizzy Drinks", Dairy, candy, saturated fat etc. Again, its all ideal, but the key to life is moderation.

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