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04-27-2008, 11:28 PM
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Hockey Coach,

30-50 dollars a game depending on level of the game not level of official... im sure PIHRA or IOA which ever association in AZ that you use charges you accordingly per league and level of game.

as far as the first post in this thread... its the correct weather or not he originally said no goal. The proper procedure for a close play is to get to the net hard, blow the whistle make no signal and wait for the goalie to move. and see where the puck is, i normally will tell the goaltender to stay put and ill move the net so he can roll off the puck so he cant try to scoot it out of the net... but the real key to his is the referee being in the correct position which unfortunately for the official working your mens league game was not in.

Dont be so hard on the referees.. yeah they are getting paid to be there but if they were not there you would not have a game. these guys go to work just like you guys and are refereeing for the love of the game (or the extra money cause we could all use it.)

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