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04-28-2008, 12:44 AM
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This is my work out. I use this for baseball and i play pond hockey. I really like it. It is done in circuits. Go through the four exercises and the one cardio. Take 90 seconds to two minutes off then do the circuit again. Do three. Then end with bike.
Everything in reps of 12.

Pull Ups. Not pull downs use a spotter if you cannot do a pull up.
Dumbbell Bench Press. Not bar. Nothing in nature is perfectly balanced liek a bar. So the free weights simulate funcional strength.
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Sprint .25
Repeat x3
Bike 11 min. First min easy going. Alterante sprinting every 30 seconds and east riding. Sprint last min. Last 30 seconds as hard as you can go.

Walking Lunges
Back Extension
Side Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Flies
Reapeat x3 then bike

Wednesday Off

Incline Dumbbell Press
Front Lateral Raise
Bent Over Row
Leg Press
Stair Master 3 min
Reapeat x3 then bike

Arnold Presses (Shoulder exercise Arnold Swartzenagger.... style
Straight Leg Dead Lift
Pull Overs
Low Row
Turkish Get Ups
Repeat x3 and then bike.

It teaches to use all your muscles as a bunch. Rather than just one a day. Burns more calories this way. And like baseball for me and hockey as a second use. I use short bursts of energy where i might need all my muscles in a short span. I do not hit the ball x5 then run to first x5 or chase down a fly ball x5 then throw it back x5. I need to be able to run, if i dive get right back up(turkish get ups) and throw, upper body all in a matter of seconds. Liek a hockey shift. With the exeption of the last times cardio routine. One circuit should take no less than 2 min.

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