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04-28-2008, 02:34 AM
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I wasn't using the goalie as a comparison, I was stating it as an exception as the stick-handling mechanics are different because of the glove. I can agree that the fulcrum idea works well for goaltenders, but it doesn't translate the same way to all skaters.

Funny you would mention holding a pitchfork with one hand, because I've done that on numerous occasions. If you've done roof repairs, you'd know what I mean

Back on topic though, when I'm holding a golf club my left hand is at the top and it really just used for stability. I've gotten used to swinging the club one handed, with my right hand in the middle of the grip, and my shot remains essentially the same. The reason I like the right hand is because it's closer and it gives you more of a direct influence over the puck. You could say my left hand serves as a pivot at the end of the stick rather than a fulcrum. I get a strong feeling that my right hand should be used for both power and control. It might not fit into the whole fulcrum idea, but if the technique is sound enough for a stick handler like Spezza, I don't see how it could be wrong.

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