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04-28-2008, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by daveskirtun View Post
How'd you lose the weight? Sometimes certain diets can cause stress and affect your hair among other things.
Originally Posted by LilWinger11 View Post
maybe the hair loss could be related to a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Yeah, Congrats on the loss.....

It can't hurt to try baking the skates again, but with that big a weight loss I'd be surprised if it really helped. You could also try putting a pair of innersoles in them to take up some of the extra room. In the long run, you're probably going to need new skates, though. My skate size changed after I lost weight a few years ago, and I only lost about a third of what you did.
My wife started losing hair after the my daughter was born, mainly since she was giving all the nutrients to the baby. Our Doc told us this is typical, and in some way i will relate my daughter and wife to you hair loss: depending on Diet/exersize, you may have been depriving yourself of some of these vitamins & nutrients.

Like LilWinger said, Try baking and the insole first rather than busting out the checkbook. But another suggestion would be to sell your skates to offset the price and get a new pair. It may be your best option. Skates are probably one of the pcs of equipment you do not want to sacrifice. Maybe i should take my own advice and get a new pair rather than having them stretched all the time...

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