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Originally Posted by Alessandro View Post

And don't remember that the cold war is over
It's also beside the debate, there is simply no comparison between russia and the US in terms of specialized treatments, because it's not about the treatment infrastructures, it's about the people. Alex Kovalev, for example, went with a complete delegation of canadian cardiac specialists teach doctors in Russia. It's not a critic to Russia, I think you should stop thinking this way, I have a big respect for the people in the country and I think you guys have a wonderful future ahead if you do a couple of things with the extra petroleum money.(Reinvest in education, diversify the economy, work on social problems like alcoholism etc)

But to pretend you have specialists comparable to France and Canada in Russia, at this point in time(to be fair it is coming), is a bit misguided.(There is no lack of talent, just a lack of school infrastructures to have those people in formation for 10-15 years.)

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