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04-28-2008, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
This is the #1 thing I dislike in sports. Faking to get a call.

I know that getting an advantage is one of the most important things in sport, but... I just hate it. It is embarassing.

When players do it on my team, I tell them "fall down, ok... but whine like a little child or look like you were just shot and you stay on the bench for a shoft or two."

I know I should draw calls more myself, but I just cannot bear to do it. No way will I ever show/pretend that I am physically dominated, unless I truly am.

When Crosby does it.... it makes me like other players more.

The whol argument of "getting calls to go your way" or "its part of the game" is bloody ridiculous. It's not part of the game, well actually it is. Doing it gets you 2mins in the

My brother was right on Saturday (Habs fan too). The NHL is the worst sport out of the bunch. Why, because they have 2 sets of rules. 1 for the regular season (where they call EVERYTHING!) and 1 for the playoffs (where things seem to go missed and are one-sided).

Honestly if the Pens win the cup this year. I'm boycotting the NHL until the day I die.

OT: anyone else notice how convenient, that the Pens were able to "win" the lottery the specific lottery of Crosby when he was hyped-up even before stepping onto NHL ice and seeing how they were about to be sold and moved...

Bettmen and the new NHL really blow.

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