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04-28-2008, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by lemieux32 View Post
Roughneck- don't know why you are using that emoticon as that is one of the few things sammitch was right about. Reward yourself withut going overboard.
You're allowed to treat yourself yes, but the idea that "letting yourself go once a week" is a necessity in a diet (the idea of dieting is also something I bang my head at) is one of the most ridiculous things I hear. A girl I train with, who's currently on the Canadian Women's Rugby team was once told by a nutritionist several years ago that because of how much she was training she should have a 'milkshake or something really high in calories' a few times a month to keep her energy up. This was an NSD (National Sport Devellopment) nutritionist, its just remarkable.

Eating bad once a week can throw off your nutrition and energy levels for up to a few hours to even a few days, not to mention the more crap you eat, the more of it you'll want.

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