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04-28-2008, 02:05 PM
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I'm just giving him an example to follow with as it worked with me, but everyones metabolism is different so my suggestion is to find out from a doctor what would be best for him.

EDIT: also i will add that you should not drink all, well maybe once a week or so but really cut it.. I think people really overlook how many calories and crap are in the stuff they are drinking, I pretty much only drink water, and orange juice and beer . Even orange juice has like 200 calories a serving and nothing in the world is better for you than water..

Also a verrrrrrryyy healthy drink which has been shown to actually help burn fat as well as getting rid of alot of crap in your body is Green Tea.. Green Tea is also being looked into because there are many doctors who think it may have a natural anti-carcinogen with it that helps prevent cancer.

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