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04-28-2008, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
If it doesn't work in the first period I'm sure they will put the line back together for the second.
We'll see. I'm not convinced they'd put a line made of lats-lappy-streit together only to reunite the 3rd line. But, yes they might just split the bench and roll with 3 lines and double shift one of begin/kosto/kovalev, etc.

Originally Posted by Slick Nick View Post
Bégin's going to be the answer? No.
Why not?

Originally Posted by znk View Post
Well Begin is alot more reliable defensivly then Latendress that's for sure. They need to spread the experience a bit.
Plus, Begin brings a physical aspect to the line, which has been missing since Lats' scratching.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Maybe everybody is shocked because without that line, we wouldn't have made it past the 1st round.
We also wouldn't have won the overtime in Game1..
All we know is that line has been clicking since the beginning of the playoffs and they had found their niche.

I really don't understand the move. I hope it works, but i really dont get it. All season long people and Carbo been saying, we can't break the Plek line cuz it was clicking so much.
The Smokes line had become our legitimate 3rd line, and you need that in POs. I don't understand the move but i hope it works.

The only solution i can think off is Carbo wants to balance speed and defensive awareness in his 2 bottom lines.
Lapierre line have been dreadful on D these past games and putting Lats on that line wouldn't have made it better defensively, on top of making it slower. That's the only reason i think Carbo made that change, other than that i can't think of anything.
Especially since we'll be in Philly and they have the last line change.
Dude, we lost Game 2 and it's the freaking playoffs. If you don't find a solution to fix up your lines, you'll suffer from it, especially since you don't have the last change-up for 2 games in a row.

Playoffs is all about line matching, if it fails, you pay for it.

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