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Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
Actually it's sort of funny to see either Chicago or the 30s referred to for the Plateau. The greystone townhouses that typify the area are clearly turn-of-the century and their distinct external balconies are anything but mid-western. As for the same architecture in the "West End" I don't know what he's referring to.
Did't mean to say "Chicago style" about the Plateau. By the Chicago style West End I mean the standard 2-3 story red brick square 15-20 apt . The garbage bins non-existent. The place for recyclible in the garage is so tiny it overfills in a couple of hours and then it's all over the cars. The squeeky wooden balcony is life-threatenning. One of the two laundrymats has been broken and full of smelly water for a month. That's a snapshot of my place in Hampstead.

Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
If by old architecture, you mean late 80s, pipes not leaking because there's no water, I would say Rinkeby and Tensta were a marvel to see the last time I was there.
Point taken. The diff though is that Rinkeby is an almost out of town gettho, while all of UdM students have to cope with something like what I described

Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
Um, if you are trying to suggest that typical houses in Montreal have plaster peeling off the walls then you are sadly uninformed. Toronto has some neighbourhoods that are far worse than anything in Montreal does right now, and that's true from every perspective- plaster peeling off the walls to crime and violence.

I can completely understand why many people would and do prefer Toronto, but your representation of Montreal so far is simply not very accurate.
I am trying to suggest that an average Jerry in Toronto gets to live in mid-70's or mid-80's highrises which are no architectural marvel but functional, while from my experience a Montreal equivalent would be what I just described a couple of posts before.

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