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04-29-2008, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Kosti46 View Post
Your comments show you know next to nothing about hockey.

Tough and gritty does NOT mean cheap and dirty which is what the Flyers do.

Dirty cheap shots need to be eliminated from hockey. That means the Flyers will only have about 5 players left in the playoffs. Ah. sorry. You guys don t have enough talent to play hockey without cheating.
On the contrary Kosti, I think it is you who needs to learn the game, rough physical play is what hockey is all about, that's why they wear pads And I haven't even mentioned the playoffs yet.

Did you like hockey in the 80's ? if you remember that was the worst decade for hockey, because then the NHL stood for "No Hitting League", it's similar to that now.

Just be thankful that Scott Stevens isn't playing for the Flyers, because you'd really be belly aching then.

I'm a Devils fan on the Stars bandwagon defending the Flyers, how messed up is that
The Habs have enough physical players to give it back to the Flyers, it's what the game is all about, and it's what makes hockey the greatest game on earth

As Scott Stevens said recently:- "This new NHL is a little too gentle for me"

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