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04-29-2008, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Adam91 View Post
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLEAR THIS UP FOR ME, I honestly have NO idea what happened there, from what I could see just appear like Pleks either completly missed him or barely touched him... but I couldn't find a good angle, I didn't see any blood, but Umburger was kicking his foot into the ice in disgust

Nothing happened to Umburger!!! Plekanec stuck his butt out to make the hit and just barely grazed Umburger's pants and he went down like he was shot. Every replay that you can see shows that there was hardly any contact with its obvious that this one is a huge dive. Umburger was looking for a penalty call since he knew Hatcher was going to go for that hit on Boullion....Umburger was trying to even things up with the Phantom attack from Plekanec.

And they say that Montreal players dive a lot.....PLEASE!!!! At least if a Montreal player dives there is some form of contact from another player and not just the wind knocking him to the ice like this hit.

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