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04-29-2008, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Habbiebo0gie View Post
Look, say what you want about Carey Price. Yes he was crap last game. But today? No, he wasn't crap, he got beat by 1 shot he couldn't see, 1 shot that was deflected (and he couldn't see) and a shot he had no chance on.

Now I'm not saying he's been amazing, because he hasn't been, but don't give me the Biron is WAYYY better crap. Biron is good, and he's playing a bit better, but he's been lucky as well.

But luck is the least of our problems. In fact, here's an idea: why don't the Habs try scoring first for a change? Maybe give Price a 2-0 lead to play with? No? Maybe let Biron play with his team down a goal? No?

GOD DAMN THE PROBLEM ISN'T IN OUR NETS, IT'S NOT BIRON, IT'S THAT THE HABS CAN'T SCORER FOR ****!!!! Empty nets? Nope. Perfect passes? Nope. Posts? Yes.

Its not all Carey Prices fault....that is for sure, but when your goaltender is juggling the puck and making easy saves look difficult.....then he is part of the problem.

When players see their goalie playing like that, it puts the whole team on edge and everybody tightens up and make mistakes. You need to know that your goaltender is there to bail you out if you screw up and right now the Habs players aren't quite sure that Price can do that.

I think its time to give Halak a start and see what he can do. To be perfectly honest, Halak can't do any worse than Price has in this series. Price has looked awful and everybody can see it. His confidence is shot and we can't win when our goalie has no confidence.

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