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04-29-2008, 10:02 AM
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Stop blaming everything

I'm tired to read and listen to stuff like...

They booed our anthem
They are lucky
We shoot on Biron's chest
The ref. miss 3 penalties on 1 shift
Price is a ****, put Halak...
Excuses, excuses, excuses.....

There's no excuses. Ok we hit 7 posts in 3 games. Ok they scored on lucky bounce in front of our net (ankle of Lupul, post&pads&in of Umberger). Now why they are lucky and we don't? Because they created there luck. Biron challenge the shots and there defenseman are well position in front of him. That force us to find the hole and WE hit the post...WE. For there goals, you create your luck when you crashed the net. They did, we don't...

We shoot on Biron's chest because we let him challenge us. No traffic in front of him, he saw everything and he challenge the shooter. We are in front of the net 2 times during the 5 minutes PP and we score 2 goals. Biron saw every shot, Price don't. WE DON'T WANT TO PAY THE PRICE IN FRONT OF BIRON'S NET. Biron has to much space to work.

Stop with the ref. They gave us every chance to win this game. They called what they have to call and it's OUR problem if we haven't scored in the 1rst period. YOU HAD TO SCORE ON A 2 MINUTES 5-3. You scored on this PP and you take a lot of pressure off Price's shoulders. He his 20....

I'm tired to heard ''fans'' wasting times and energies to find excuses. WE LOST, THEY WIN, THAT'S IT. We are a better team?...YES. We deserve to win the last 2?...YES. You are frustrated?...YES. I'm frustrated?...A LOT!!!! But it's 2-1. We win tomorrow and we start a 2 of 3 with the ice advantage. There's no reason we should waste our energie to bash.

STAY POSITIVE!!! The Mtl fans are to emotive. The Flyers only did 50% of what they need to won the serie. They are in a better position but they are far of the conference final.

WHAT'S DONE IS DONE. We will try to find what happens when we will be eliminate. Now we are SOOOOO ALIVE!!!!


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