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04-29-2008, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
I"ll eat my shorts and apolgize to everyone if I'm proven wrong but I realize after this last game that this year's Montreal Canadiens do not have enough Canadians to do whatever it takes to win the CUP.

Carbo knows it too, that's why he keeps insisting in putting in Breezy and Dandy despite how bad they are.

HAHAHAH.....thats makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care what nationality the players are, I just want them to go out and give 100% for a change and play like they have all season long......if the Habs can do that....they'll win this series against the Flyers and lord knows what they are capable of after that.

I think having 10 Canadian guys on your team is more than enough to win a cup....heck....even 1 Canadian guy should be enough to win a cup.

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