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04-29-2008, 02:38 PM
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lol I should bring my handicapped bro with my to the flyers game in game 4 or 6 and purposely deck him out in habs apparell, then if someone tries to pull something I'll kick the **** out of them and start a brawl, then the later media spin will be that a few roudy flyers fans attacked a handicapped kid making them the most obviously classless fanbase in the NHL. After that not only will there be a flyers fan who's swallowed his own teeth cause in a fit of rage I'll destroy him, but the flyers would get the worst media circus they've ever seen.

"Fan hits handicapped kid at flyers game, older bro habs fan hero defends him"
- Habs go on to win all the games from then on.

Quote from Koivu: "When I heard a handicapped kid got assaulted by a flyers fan, I could no longer give them the satisfaction of winning anymore games and knew I had to win at all costs"

Game 4 5 and 6 scores:

8-1, 5-0, 12-1

The habs then continued on to win the cup cause Koivu had 27 goals and led his team against any odds.

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