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Originally Posted by LeafRefereeeeeees View Post
People really need to do some research before they go to other countries. Philadelpha is probably the toughest city in the US. Those are some mean people if you aren't one of them, and they all look like linebackers. Ask anyone who has moved away from there (I have many friends from Philly). It's not civilized enough to go there with an out of town jersey, and I say that with all due respect.
There's a degree of risk in going to any arena in any sport while wearing a visiting team's jersey. There are a few fans who act out their hostilities by identifying with their local team. Disrespecting their team is tantamount to disrespecting their families. I once wrote an article that satirized the Broad Street Bully mentality and, predictably, the editor received a lot of hate mail. Little did those fools know that I had credentials to visit the Flyers dressing room and see their phony heroes parading around in the buff. It's been a long time since I visited a dressing room or wrote a hockey article but I still remember the hate mail.

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