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04-29-2008, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by TroyM View Post
Man are there are this many Hab fans over on the Flyers board, because these weenies (excuse my french) just can't seem to stay away. I never check over there because I literally don't care to watch Flyer fans rub oil all over themselves while singing Eye of the Tiger or God Bless America. Just seems odd to me that in a thread like this, clearly intended for HAB fans to gather and get excited for the next game, and to seek the positives of our teams play, there sure are a lot of greased up Flyer Fans spewing negativity.

But again, if there are this many of our posters over there then so be it, but if not, you fellas should head back home and stop bringing all your negative posts over here. I wish any Hab fans would do the same. Let each group have their fun on their board, I don't see why you need to defend your team so much. If you are up 2-1 and think you've been playing such good hockey to get that score, then you wouldn't be so insecure and need to jump in on any discussion of luck or the like. You should just enjoy your lead while ya got it, and let us hope for our team to come back strong tomorrow.

Just my two cents, I know it probably makes way too much sense for anyone engaging in the board-hopping to fathom though, so carry on. All my talk of oil and singing manly songs has distracted me too much to continue...

I think the problem over there is not many real intelligent hockey fans so they have to go look for something to argue about

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