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04-29-2008, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Breeze 44 View Post
Who cares that you saw them that's great.....

This story is all B.S, I'm a season ticket holder for both the Eagles and Flyers and this crap doesn't happen like that. Some reporters and people like to live off the past things that were blown -up by the booing Santa and a battery being thrown, these things and worse have happened at other stadiums and arenas on National television yet don't recieve 1/10th of the publicity that booing santa gets.

How would you guys like to be known as the city that burns and trashes your city after winning...I said WINNING a play-off round....Anyway, i have brought some Canadian friends of mine to an Eagles game ...they tailgated with us and walked around joining in other tailgates and had a blast. the one guy plays in the OHL and another in the Q and other than speaking little English well , we all had a great time and they have picked their game for next year already. Also one of my friends that was with us was a draft pick of the Flyers back in 1969 and we talk hockey smack all the time and he walks around town here in his Montreal togue hat with the little ball on top....i think it's great.

Point is evey arena has ***-holes but don't believe everything you read.

2 last things ......there is no jail at the Linc and nobody spilled beer on was thrown.... (just say'in )
Philadelphia is high on the lists of cities with violent crimes. Your Governor Rendell and Mayor Nutter are only too aware of it. The homicide rate in Montréal is a lot lower. Maybe you should read more than the sports pages.
Or maybe you don't read the newspapers and magazines.

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