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05-19-2004, 10:32 AM
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He played one season with my brother-in-law here for the Jr.B Sarnia Ranson Bees back in the day. I've got a funny/interesting story for you all about him. He was my brother-in-laws defensive partner when he was 16. As a rookie ritual, the teams rookies had to do a little thing called the "marshmellow dunk". The jist of the ritual had rookies(after a sweaty practice) walk from one end of the dressing room back to the start with a marshmellow in their ass crack. when you got back to the start thier was a styrophome cup of beer on the floor that they had to drop the marshmellow into without using your hands. If the marshmellow fell in the cup you had to drink it down, marshmellow and all. If you missed the cup you had to drink the other guys beer with his marshmellow in it. Ndur missed his cup. Just a little story for yall.

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