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04-29-2008, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by HabsPack View Post
Agreed, if Ryder has half a brain in his head he would use any opportunity to try to shine to get as many possible suiters as possible. The way Philly plays seems to be tailor made for Ryder, opposed to the Bruins stifling style of play.

Hopefully Carbo will insert Ryder back into the lineup, but I heard earlier today on 990 that the coaching staff haven't spoken to him since something like January (I gather they would mean personal one on one's), not a good sign.
You are partially right. Carbo has not spoken to Ryder, but the other coaches do speak to him. As a matter of fact, Muller told Ryder last night to talk to go ask Carbo why he won't play him. But, Ryder told Muller, "that it wasn't his place to approach the coach looking for ice time, if Carbo wants him to play, he will put him in."
There is some hidden agenda with Carbo against Ryder, and it seems nobody knows what the problem is, not even Muller.

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