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04-30-2008, 08:23 AM
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I think we need all the scoring talent we can get on the ice. Latendresse should have been there since the first game. He's one of the only players with Higgins and Koivu who goes to the net.

I would also bring back the old lines mentioned above. Remember how it is comfortable to come back to your old bed after you've been on a trip... I think the same kind of feeling can be said about going back to your old lines. Players right now hold their stick too tight (they know they need to score more; they know they missed too many chances). Making them comfortable by bringing back the old lines could reduce the level of anxiety many forwards are now experiencing (which is especially visible on the PP).

More broadly:
Imagine if Ryder had been as good as he was last year or the year before that or if had been able to get back his scoring touch during the last stretch of the regular season... I think we would probably have disposed of the Bruins sooner and we would now be leading this serie (Ryder knew how to score big goals...).

This brings me to this:
Why do we always have at least a case of huge disappointment, a blatant case where a player completely wastes a whole season?
I hate it when players are performing WAY below their potential. I'm not talking about a slump here, but a clear case like Samsonov or Ryder (or Theodore a few years ago) where production shrinks to minuscule level.

I don't mind if a few player have a subpar year or if they have stretches where things don't go very well. Koivu hasn't been as good this year, but he still plays at a decent level and he's still able to help the team.

Do we need to have at least one huge disapointment each year? Is it mandatory or is it possible to have a team where all your key players play more or less around what is expected of them?

1) If it is impossible to avoid this, then who'll be the biggest disappointment next year?
2) To counter this negativity and to those who believe in "jinxing", I'll ask who'll be the biggest surprise (who'll be this year's Kovalev?)

1) Streit (if he's back) or Plekanec (I don't think he can repeat what he did this year. Kovalev won't be as "golden" as he was)
2) I'd go with Latendresse (I'll be hated for this... but if he takes skating lessons this summer, he might have a breakout year; if he's given the chance on an offense line, I think he could double his production)

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