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05-19-2004, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini
You're right, he was playing a decent game, but what about the rest of the 81 games....sorry I had to say it . The only thing Hlavac proved last season is that the rumors are true, the man is washed up at the age of 27. He was given ample ice time last season to get something going, even though his play warranted none of it. Simply put, he's no longer an NHL calibre player, and he doesn't deserve a spot on our 2nd line. He had a nice couple of seasons for us in 99-00 and 00-01, but he ain't the same guy anymore. Good luck, goodbye Janny.
The only time he was given ample ice time was when the Nedved-Kovalev-Hlavac line played as the 2nd line, and yes they were horrible. But just as much blame could be put on Nedved and Kovalev for the failure of that line. Other than that Hlavac didn't play much at all until being put on the Jagr line late in the season, where he could have been worse.

You have to face the fact that we are rebuilding and the talent and NHL prodcution just won't be there on the roster for a few years. Hlavac might not be great, or good, but we can't expect to have an allstar on that line either.

We don't have a prospect capable to stepping up and playing top 2 lines right now, so it comes down to resigning Hlavac or signing a different UFA. Personally I would rather have Hlavac and let him play on Jagr's line and score 40-50 points this season. Maybe the year after Prucha will be ready to play on that line, but right now Hlavac is the only option in the organization.

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