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04-30-2008, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by HamrlikTheStud View Post
****! Stop bashing on the guy! You are without a doubt the dumbest group of fan of the world. It's impossible.

The guy is the 11th scorer of the playoffs and is the only reason why we won a game so far in this series, he sets two perfect plays for Higgins who missed two open nets on the same shift, and he does all this despite the fact he's hurt to an ankle since game 50 and despite the fact he's constantly double-checked by the opposition. He's the only reason why the Habs made the playoffs this year, but no! It's his fault if the Habs are trailing 2-1.

Don't blame Higgins!
Don't blame Price!
Don't blame Plekanec!
Don't blame Komisarek!

Let's all blame our best player, our best scorer of the season and of the playoffs!

Let's blame the only reason why we did make the playoffs and the major reason of the emergence of both Kostitsyns.

You guys are pathetic. You make me feel ashamed to be an Habs fan.

Yeah we need to give the guy a break. He was our best player all season long and he still is our best player in the playoffs too, but he can only do so much when the other team is watching him like a frigging hawk and sending 2 guys after him to get the puck from him. He is playing well, better than some of the other players are so give the guy a break....he'll come through when we need him.

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