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04-30-2008, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Not a problem. You know I gotta say this. Even being down 3 Zip to the Pens, I don't hate them. Even with Cindy diving all over the place, I don't hate them. IMO, its really hard to hate the Penguins. There are no real goons on their team. Yeah Ruutu can be a pest(sort of a Sean Avery lite) but he doesn't even bother me. Larouque, their resident enforcer, he's not a goon at all...he plays tough. So they really are hard to dislike.

Pens are just a great team that have players with mad skills....that's all there is too it. In a way they sort of remind me of your Canadians another team that is hard to dislike....Habs have lots of skill real super duper star like Pens do though Kovalev is as skilled as anyone, no goon at all that I can see. Heck I don't even think Habs have an enforcer and they have a goalie who is very easy to root for even if your not a Canadian fan.

So if Rangers can't make it to ECF, I think a Habs/Pens final would be very entertaining and good for hockey. That all being said, I can see why some Canadian fans might have a bit of distaste for Pens over the Hossa thing but hatred?...ummm...hardly?
It's easy for a Habs fan to really dislike the Pens for a reason. First off, I like them a lot, since I was a huge Lemieux fan back in the days and for now, I must say that I really love to see Crosby and Malkin play (Letang too!)

As for why some here might hate them, well, both our teams have gone through a rebuilding phase in the last few years. I would say that our isn't even finished yet, and it's been going on for... lots of years (suckiness - then rebuilding.) As for the Pens, it seems like they really burned some steps by just accumulating first overall picks because they iced ECHL calibre teams. Add the Crosby lotto win, and you can have a lot jealousy/envy for their luck and their "not even trying" way of rebuilding a team. All in all, we are both overall young teams with a couple of veterans, they are stacked with superstars and we aren't. But it always makes a good show when the pens and habs meet!

Anyway, good luck for your series, it's not over yet!

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