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It would be interesting to see how well this rolls out to historical players, to see if it can happen within the 6 degrees that's usually the standard.

When the Kevin Bacon game started, someone created a software program to calculate a Bacon number for any actor, present or past, using the Internet Movie Database. Someone could theoretically do the same with the

Let's do Maurice Richard

Maurice Richard played with Henri Richard (59-60 Habs)
Henri Richard played with Guy Lafleur (74-75 Habs)
Guy Lafleur played with Curtis Leschyshn (90-91 Nords)
Leschyshn played with Sillinger (00-01 Sens)

Sillinger number of 4. It probably is harder than with actors, because a career is much shorter. If you go pre-WW2, it's probably really hard to do it, because careers are shorter, compared to actors.

You can do international as well though:

Tretiak played with Larionov (CSKA Moscow 83-84)
Larionov played with Yzerman (95-96 Wings)
Yzerman played with Sillinger (94-95 Wings)

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