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05-19-2004, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by jas
But you still take the best player available and deal with the ramifications later. If Thelen is the highest player on the Rangers board, they should take him. If that player is Schremp, take him. If there is neglible difference between a forward or a d-man, then take the player that fits a need. But, the theory should be to get the player with the most ability to fit in with an organization's philosophy of building a team.

Yes, but do we know that Rangers have Thelen ahead of Tukonen and Schremp on their list? If somebody actually has any idea what Rangers' list looks like, I would like to hear it. But in my opinion Tukonen and Schremp fit our needs. Tukonen a skilled power forward that can score goals; Schremp all around skilled and excellent playmaker something that we been missing lately especially on the PP.

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