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04-30-2008, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by LuckyCharms View Post
Flyer fan, coming in peace...

That takes onions! I bet the team picks up it's play...not that you guys have played bad at all, just not getting the bounces.

As far as starting the back-up, wow is right. Better "if" (and I do say that loosely) you lose, to lose with your best chance of winning (Price, IMHO) than Halak. This will make Carb look like a hero, or he'll be the scape goat! No?

What are your thoughts?

Should be interesting!

May the best team win, good luck and enjoy the game.
the thing is; halak has always been labeled as the #2 or #3 (when we had huet)... but the guy is just one of the most underrated player of the team; when you look at his carreer stats, they're even better than price stats. and at the beginning of the year, gainey decided to go with price even if both goalies had similar performance at the training camp (according to many people). i'm not saying halak > price; but they're not very far IMO. BTW, i'm not worried a bit for tonight, we'll win and halak will do very well.

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