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04-30-2008, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
I would rather put in Price. At least Price has faced play-off pressure. Has played NHL games in abundance over the past season. Halak has two shots NHL play-off experience. Has only played 2-5 games this season in the NHL.

Price got you to this point. You put your faith in him and keep going. WIthout him, Boston is where we are and we're on the golf course. I don't like this decision. We basically can't go back to Price unless we're facing elimination.
You know, I understand your logic...and I somewhat agree.

The playoffs are just so finikey (sp?) when it comes to goalies...

Price does have nerves of steal, but you gotta admit, something wasnt right. That glove hand has been a concern for me as well as them adventures around the net.

We do have the luxury of having two young, talented goaltenders and Halak just aint that pretty have sitting on the bench all the time.

Carbo is indeed rolling the dice, but the fact of the matter is that regardless of the decision, he was rolling them anyways.

I can also understand your dislike for the decision, but I can understand the sheer hate behind your reaction.

PS I really think there may be something to the Broken-Hand Gate

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