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Originally Posted by kcspence View Post

I think of center as the only position where the entire ice is your offensive and defensive responsibility.
This statement is key! If you are in your defensive zone and you are in front, say the puck goes into the corner and your defensemen is getting double teamed by the attacking team. (Remember, we teach players that the first guy in takes the body, second guy in takes the puck) So if your defensemen is get double teamed, you the center, needs to go into the corner and equal out the strength so you guy doesn't cough up the puck. If you get control of the puck in your defensive zone in the corner, alway exit the puck behind the net to the weak side.

Weak side: The side where the puck is not!

If you ever gain control of the puck on the side boards, try to exit the defensive zone, again on the weak side. To do this, make sure that you have the off side winger (the winger that is the furthest away from you) over load the zone on your side.

This will shorten the pass distance and reduce the interception of the puck. Plus, the winger overloading the zone can pull the attacking defensemen off the blue line.

Hope this helps.
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