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05-19-2004, 05:02 PM
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Well I was just reading the other day that many Euro players are looking to stay in their respectitive leagues due to the chance of the NHL shutting down. With all the drama of the cry baby NHLPA who keep saying a year or longer strike is 90% possible, we could several Euro players stay put and I can't say I blame them.

The other problem is that the IIHF does not want a deal until the NHL/NHLPA come to a deal for the new CBA. Once the CBA is in place, then they try and get the IIHF/NHL deal, but for now, the Russian Federation are holding themselves out of the IIHF, and the NHL is saying no NHL/IIHF deal unless the Russian Federation is included. Wow what a bunch of drama, should be interesting, but it looks like it's already cost us one player.

Korneev can still be signed by us, as there is no IIHF/NHL deal in place, so they would have to compensate AK Bars, who I have heard are one of the richest teams in the RSL (Omsk the richest) But I agree I assume Korneev will play in Russia next year.

The only thing that really matters as far as Euro's is Kastsitsyn. If he is not signed, it's not going to be the worst, cause he'll have a new coach with CSKA, as Tikhonov is gone.

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