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04-30-2008, 10:01 PM
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Carbo coaches expecting his players to play like the players he played with and like himself. He is far more intelligent as a hockey mind than all the haters give him credit for. It's all the mistakes that are completely out of his control that people throw against him. Putting Begin out COULD have shut down the flyers for that shift. You think he expected that hit to happen? None of us did! Remember the Begin in the balls block earlier, why wouldn't you think he'd do the same thing. That play was totally a brain cramp on Begin. Second of all, Halak played great tonight. He didn't make any mistakes. The first goal was from the top of the was a hard shot to stop. The other goals, no chance. Putting in Halak was a good call. Smolinski helping to score the 2nd? How would anyone expect him to put the puck out there??? Usually he makes his characteristic dump into the zone. It was random and it hurt. Carbo is a Canadien great, everyone forgets that. I know you have to separate player from coach, but he's there for a reason. BG has faith in him. Last year people blamed him for Kovy NOT playing so shouldn't you give him credit THIS year for Kovy's success (if you are going to make that argument). Personally i'd rather have a former captain, a guy who gave up everything for the team and a guy who understand hockey. He speaks his mind and he knows what it takes to win. That doesn't = being able to prevent his players from making independently stupid plays. He took the team from 10th to 1st this year. We are not a team that is THAT talented that we could do this DESPITE our coach. Hopefully Higgins looks at his jersey and finds a little 21 in him.

The tie will win it for us. Believe.

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