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04-30-2008, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
Same reason people hate the Yankees. Everybody hates a winner.

Philly fans boo Santa Claus and injured Michael Irvin and somehow they are worse than Habs fans?

Come on. People hate the Habs because they wish they had all that history to hang their hats on.
This is utter nonsense. Detroit, New Jersey, Colorado have all had much more recent success, and their fans/teams are nowhere near as universally despised. Not even close. In most fans lifetimes, the Oilers have won many more cups than the Canadiens - and (outside of Calgary),Oiler fans and their team are not really hated.

Do you really think that the average 30 year old hockey fan gets riled up about 22 cups which happened before 1980....i.e. before he was 2 years old????? Don't you think he'd have much more jealousy and hate for the Islanders, the Oilers, or the Red Wings? Are you going to suggest that most of the fans that 'hate' your team are in their 50's? Or that they are so in tune with hockey history that they read up on all those cups from the 50's and 70's, and just get incensed?

If 'everybody hates a winner,' please explain why the Red Wings, and their 3 cups in less than 15 years, multiple league-high point seasons, longest playoff streak in the NHL, and current playoff domination have escaped the wrath of this jealous pack of fans.

No - the plain truth is that the existence of threads and attitudes like this is why most* other team's fans have issues with the Canadiens and their fans. You reap what you sow...

*I freely admit that as a Bruins fan I have my own reasons - and if this thread was titled "Bruins fans over 30 are jealous of the Habs" then you'd get no argument from me.

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