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05-01-2008, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Suiteness View Post
Sens fan here, I come in peace, I swear.

IMO this was a VERY winnable series. If Gainey is behind that bench, MTL wins this thing in 5 games tops. Carbo is simply outcoaching himself here.

1. Why is the first line that did so well during the year, not together anymore? It made sense to break them up to get Kovy away from Chara but there's no Chara on the Flyers, not even close. At they very least, put them together on the PP ffs. Very very true. I don't know why Higgins is on the first wave. He wasn't for a good part of the season.

2. This team has problem scoring goals yet one of the few natural goalscorers on this team is in the PB. While there's no doubt Ryder had a bad season, he still gives you a better chance than many others. He's been brutal all year. Too many crappy plays that lead to crappy giveaways. It's too late for him at this point me thinks.He's not going to be great with Streit and Lapierre, and that would be the only place for him anyway.

3. Starting Halak today made no sense, for the simple fact that he hasn't played a game since March whatever. Does he honestly give you a better shot at winning than Price? No, that's simply making changes for the sake of change. I agree, but I won't judge the decision in the end. What I didn't understand is that it was not a winning position for anybody. Halak cannot prove himself, being way, way too cold. If he wins, even barely, he has to come back. If he loses badly, they are 1-3. No sense. But I'm not in the room...

4. With less than a minute left today, I see Kosto and Tender on the ice? Why? Because Kosto is the one who gave us our only win and Latendresse, for all his mistakes, is still the only one with Koivu willing to go, at least sometimes, in front of the net.
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