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05-01-2008, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsPack View Post
Habs will win game five in Mtl on Saturday, the key will be winning game six back in Philly ... if they can do that then a seventh game is anybody's.

Canadiens are not out of this series yet, they have been the better team every game and if the bounces start going their way the remaining games won't even be close.
My thoughts exactly, and I'm not a huge Habs fan, just an interested observer that has watched all the games so far.


1) Habs have been the better team for most of the series so far - bounces and goaltending by a small margin aside.
2) Habs have the will to win on Saturday in front of the home crowd (60/40).

That sets up...

3) A huge game in Philly to even the series (45/55).

After that, if the Habs get some bounces and win game 6, it's game 7 in Montreal, with the Habs having the momentum (65/35).

A long shot, maybe, but the key is for the Habs to take it one game at a time. Question is whether they have the character (and luck, etc.) to pull it off.


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