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05-01-2008, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler View Post
First of all, it's amusing to see that the vibe around here is much similar to the vibe in Boston when they struggled against Montreal. There was all this bitter talk on their board about how they should have won this game and that game.

I don't think the Habs had any chance sweeping the series playing like ****. With the exception of the trustworthy Koivu, who is showing up like a warrior, most skilled players have played crappy hockey. It takes work ethic and talent to win the Stanley Cup. Against Boston, a team that is less talented than Montreal, the Habs got by without showing much work ethic.

Against Philly, a much more talented team, this will not work.

Regarding the 1st game, I think you are mistaken. Philly were obviously exhausted from playing their 3rd game in four days (I watched the last game against Washington, it was an all-out physical war) and Montreal didn't even capitalize much. I knew instantly the Habs would be in trouble if they didn't raise the bar.

They haven't.

And each game, the physical exhaustion that Philly had, the edge that the Habs possessed at the start of the series, is disappearing.

The formula for the Habs to win this series is pretty simple: If the skilled Habs work hard on a shift, outskate Philly and force them to commit, the Flyers will have to revert to a physical style. And Montreal responds well to teams that try to intimidate them.

But right now, all the Flyers have to do is to concentrate on trapping and quick counter-attacks. They're not forced to revert to neanderthalism and dumb plays.

The Habs are losing because the Flyers aren't trying to crush them physically. Their skilled forwards (and they have many, many of those) are content to just generate offense and make good on opportunities. The rest of the time, they play cat-and-mouse with a Habs team that seems to lack focus and heart.
I have to disagree Vlad. We've controlled the play and in the last 9 periods and you can make the claim that we contolled 8 of them completely. We've hit more posts in this series than we have all season it seems. We've had our opportunities but haven't capitalized on them. That is the problem. There is no finish. I can't believe how many empty nets we've completely missed and that has nothing to do with heart or focus. You need heart and focus to create those opportunities in the first place. We've outshot them and dominated in puck possession. If they weren't working hard and dominating the play I'd agree with you but they are so I have to think that the goals will come.

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