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05-01-2008, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
its not one of those typical 3-1 series leads where it seems like there is no hope.
This is exactly what I have been thinking, as I digest the kick in the gut that was last night's game.

It seems there is a lot more space to stretch out on this bandwagon, with all the artificial fans bailing ship. Not me.

In fact, I see this 3-1 series as probably the most favorable 3-1 series you could ever see! My reasoning goes as follows...

- Habs have obviously been playing "well", they just haven't had that last "push", and add in some unfortunate "luck".
- The Flyers have staked themselves to a 2-0 lead (and a 3-0) lead in each game of the series, and Habs have come back to tie it 3 times, and almost the 3-0 game as well. Flyers have real problems protecting leads.
- I fully credit Biron for playing very well, but the law of averages is bound to come into play sometime, when you are getting outshot the way they have been. Habs are due for a fortuitous bounce.
- We have this guy named Price; while he has had a very "average" series so far (being polite here), we all know what he is capable of, especially when the chips are down. We know he's got it in him, hopefully he can find it. Look for a strong comeback performance in Game 5.
- Though the regular season has little meaning, the Habs have proven they can dominate - and get results - against this team, as over the past two seasons.
- Flyers were also up 3-1 on the Caps as well, and they were able to press back to force a game 7 - which Washington deserved to win - only to lose on a controversial OT penalty.

Speaking of controversial calls such as the OT Washington call and last night's Begin penalty, can Flyers fans finally shut up about all these conspiracy theories and not getting any calls? IMHO, those two crucial PP's (which could have been called or not), more than make up for any chintzy calls in Game 1s and 2s, etc... For the record, I am not complaining about the Begin call or officiating (HE is the moron for doing that at that time in the game), just stating the fact that this situation may or may not get called, depending on the ref.

Anyway, the last point I want to make is the schedule seems very favorable to the Habs right now. They have an extra day to regroup and rest (and hopefully for Price to regain his confidence) and then it's Saturday night in their own barn, which should be very winnable. If they can get a good start - the first goal would be nice - then things look promising from there. If they can put in a solid performance (hopefully at least 4 past Biron), they may get the Flyers questioning themselves with little to no time to react with Game 6 the next day. So, you never know...

In any case, despite the huge shot differential, it really has been a close series, with the difference being the goaltending. If the Habs can continue the pressure they have been exerting the past 3 games but the goaltending steps it up a notch (say .910% or better), this can easily go 7 games.

Anyway... I've written enough now, all that's left is to wait 2 days.

Here's to getting back in this series!

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