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05-01-2008, 08:59 AM
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What do you do for a living ?

Im FDNY and just recently suffered from the same ailment, according to the quacks at the medical office. Anyway, just wondering if you saw the same doctors as me.
The pain I was dealing with, there is no way I would be able to skate. Couldnt even stand upright or walk. In any event, I would go to another doc and have your back checked. I dont trust these jack ass doctors at the medical office worth a dam. their main objective is not your well being, its to get you back to full duty or light duty and off medical leave as fast as possible. Just be carefull before you hurt yourself more.

My experience has been more like way I could skate in a few days. It usually takes a couple of weeks with a mild strain of my back and a couple of months with a severe strain. That is with cortisone shots or pills.

It might be that his spasms are the symptom of a different problem than what you and I experience. Like I posted before, my spasms are a result of a herniated disc and a bulging disc.

The first time I hurt my back (about 15 yrs ago) I was in bed for 3 days and couldn't move. Now that I do a lot of back excercises and stretching, the severity of my strains and spasms has decreased dramatically.

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