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05-01-2008, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Goffie709 View Post
These playoffs have really been taking their toll on me as far as stress level at an all time high the next day or two after a loss. I have been edgy and moody and really not a nice person all playoffs. The problem is I can't shake the bad mood away. I want to be able to get my frustration out the night of a loss, and wake up happy and optimistic, but I just end up waking up cranky and moody and pissed off about the loss. I can't stop thinking about how we should have won, and if anyone teases and jokes around about the Habs I snap, even though I know it is all in fun. On the other hand when the Habs win my life couldn't be better and I couldn't be happier, it is like my attitude all depends on the Habs. I always knew I was obsessed, but this is getting a bit much. Does anyone else have this problem, or do I need to get a life?
Fixed it for ya.

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