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05-01-2008, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by CacaLauncher23 View Post
Yes, I think we're done.

I think so far, the habs post season has been disappointing and not at all a reflection of the regular season.

Name the cliches you want, not enough experience, the playoffs are a whole new season, not enough north americans, bad referees, blah blah blah blah

The Habs are choking, plain and simple.
Originally Posted by Guillemin View Post

The failure to adapt to the Flyers game and implement stategies that would clearly help (better utilizuing screens on the PP and pushing the limit after the play in the goal crease) is indicative of the single minded style of play the Habs live and die by. And that style of play just isn't good enough when your players fail to finish as often as we have the past two games.

We might steal the next one, but it's not going to Game 7.
Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
Sadly YES for this year... But man, NO for the next 5 years.

Youngsters are getting experience.
and Gainey and co. have a chance to see the real nature of some.

So with more experience...
one or two key signatures...
Maybe on FA signing...
...and we're back in the playoffs, with a good chance of winning.

That said, watching the games untill now, I think Gainey moves could be unpopular. Playoffs right now shows that Habs allready have enough talent to control a game. I think he'll go for more grit that can score more than a Begin-type, and at the right time.
Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post

We've lost 6 of our lost 9 games, were outplayed for the bulk of the Boston series, have displayed no killer instinct against a very beatable Flyers team, and there have been no signs that the team is adjusting its style of play for the playoffs. Still too cute, too fancy, too much play on the outside. It produces lots of shots and the rare blowout win, but without great goaltending (game 4 Bos) and/or lucky bounces (game 1 Phi), doesn't win the close ones.

I think the comparison to the 05-07 Sabres is accurate. Fast & talented, but not tough enough to get it done in the post-season.
Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
We can't score, we can't get the lead, we can't do anything on our powerplay, which was the bread and butter all year long and we can't get solid playoff goaltending. So in my opinion.....the Habs are done and will be eliminated from the playoffs after the next game.

Don't bother calling me down for saying this either, I am a loyal Habs fan but I refuse to say they will win the series when all signs are pointing at NO.
Originally Posted by chitownhabsfan View Post
I agree.


Your Fanship is hereby revoked..... Go Cheer for the Leafs or something.


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